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Structure is great
Beginning bassline notes ruins it. Take a look at them again. A few other notes of that melody don't match up with your bassline either.

Pretty Nice :D

A very nice short chord progression, fast paced and definitely keeps the listeners attention. The piano is very nice although it is very fast. 16th notes? Either way it sounds good. ^^. The pad at 25 seconds introduces a nice melody and the lead that played a few notes during it made it sound nice. Then at 48 seconds, what happened? All that energy built up previously was gone. Sometimes doing that works and sometimes it doesn't, I feel you should have kept the lead and melody and made a more upbeat section featuring it. The mastering is fine and the samples are good for the most part, I don't like how the crash sounds at the build to 48 seconds. It doesn't ring too nicely. Another thing that could be improved with this song is that everything happens so fast, that it doesn't have enough time to be heard. Each section is maybe 16 bars or 24 of a short melody and then the mood is different not too much later. You can extend this song out to be a good 4-6 minute long piece and it would be very enjoyable I would think.

Good job though :]!!!

SirFurious responds:

Just to note, I was the one who wanted a lower tempo... :P

It is pretty fast. And, although I'm not entirely sure, I believe they may be 16th notes.

The Pad and Lead, if I recall correctly, were put in by Jason.

0:48-1:12ish was my idea. No idea what I was thinking, but I liked it. At the same time, I can see what you mean about it losing energy there.

When this get's redone, I'll fight for a slower tempo so it can be heard better, and probably give each section a little more screen time.

We'll come back to this, don't worry about that. Thanks for the review!


Keep it up!

You'll learn to finish songs, don't worry! Just keep working hard. You got some nice arps and chords here, all you need is a melody. Unless the guitar is supposed to be the melody. Anyways just work on making the song more full. At 22 seconds it is a little empty, you could throw something in there I'm sure. :P

SirFurious responds:

This may be a difficult/stupid question, but... Define melody.

Yeah, I ripped it down to just the drums, and that... Didn't go well. :/

One thing I'm still trying to get a grip on is how many patterns I should use... I only recently got it to one chord per pattern, instead of having entire chord progressions in them... Although, with something like the backing sytrus, I suppose that's alright...

Thanks for the review, and I'll try to keep working on it. Although in a different key... XD



Sounding pretty cool man. Especially since your just starting with FL. I don't have any real suggestions except finish it :P. It definitely has a dark feel to it so. Wait till you get your hands on some good leads and then put it in your music it'll be awesome. :3

Good luck!

SirFurious responds:

Thanks. :) I'm glad you agree on the dark feel. Now, we'll all have to wait until I figure this stuff out more, won't we? XD


Nice :P

When the wobble got more intense about halfway through the song, it was really cool and interesting.


definintely made me laugh xP.
Looks like this is staying top on the portal for a long time.

3.5 Haha.

Yeah sounds definately a lot better :P.
Intro is awesome.
Start working more on your own stuff :D

Ikari025 responds:

Yeah, well originally I noticed I had a "His Fantasy III" .flp in my folder, I looked at it... and decided I should improve it! That's how I decide what to work on. I forget what half my songs are. xD

Very pretty ^^

Yeah I do remember you :P. The whole song is very very pretty :)
Nice work!
Definitely would like to hear more of this :].

BrokenPaperWings responds:

don't worry you will XD

Great :P

This would do great on a youtube account. Such a low score for no reason. Seems now all the zeros are getting like crazy out of hand but whatever.

Great job and good lyrics too ^^
Keep it up!

Nice :P

It's really good to learn off midi files so you can get even better at your own stuff.
Good luck :D

Darkfire96 responds:

Thanks. Hopefully i learned something.

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